HIGH ACHIEVERS: Nanango State High School had five students score between an OP1 and OP5 last year.
HIGH ACHIEVERS: Nanango State High School had five students score between an OP1 and OP5 last year.

REVEALED: Nanango High School's high OP scores

NANANGO State High School was named as the top performing school in the South Burnett for 2019 OP results - as well as the most improved.

The results show 35.7 per cent of students at Nanango State High School received an OP between one and five.

There were five students with those scores out of 14 students who received an OP score.

They placed 32nd in the state out of 365 schools and 9th out of the state schools.

Nanango State High School principal Darryl Early said he was beyond proud of his students efforts.

"They did so well and I couldn't be prouder," Mr Early said.

"I'm proud of all of our year 12 students. All of them got their QCE and their VET qualifications. It's really been an all-round achievement for our senior cohort.

"My son was among the high achievers and I really can't wait to see what they all do with their lives following on from high school. They're all settling into university this week and they all got into what they wanted.

"They've definitely left their legacy behind at our school."

Mr Early said the secret to success was in their one-on-one mentoring program created specifically for their senior students.

"I've been here a number of years now and we really pride ourselves on our academic coaching," he said.

"We have medium sized classes so our students receive adequate teacher attention anyway.

"But then on top of that, each and every one of our year 11 and 12 students is linked up with a teacher.

"I really think that assigned teacher academic coaching is the secret to our academic success here. Especially with our high OP scores.

"That teacher will check in on their students very regularly. It's not a nagging conversation but rather a really supportive and open conversation.

"If students feel listened to and supported, they have more of a chance of reaching their fullest potential."

Mr Early also attributed their high OP scores to the efforts of their hardworking and dedicated teachers.

"Of course I'm going to tell you we have a strong team of amazing teachers," he said.

"But really our students wouldn't be where they are without them.

"We have a lot of great new teachers and a lot of great teachers with years and years of experience.

"The important part is how much they all care about their students. That is what makes all of the difference."

Despite a lot of praise being given to OP scoring students, Mr Early said he wanted to reiterate the importance and need for students who were otherwise inclined.

"We have so many more practical subjects here at Nanango that our students love, as well as a lot of students who do TAFE courses while finishing school," he said.

"I think it's just as important to focus on their achievements. Especially because only about 30% of our students will end up going on to study at university."

Mr Early said he just wanted people to know that living and studying rurally did not mean students would have less opportunities.

"Just because we are a bit isolated doesn't mean our students can't do just as well as those living in the big cities," he said.

"I mean all you have to do to see this is look at the stats and how well our little rural school performed.

"I want rural kids to know they can do anything they put their mind to with the right resources and support from their school.

"I'm so proud of all of my students and staff. They're doing incredible for a school, not just for a rural school."