FRESH START: Monique De Martin outside her new vegan cafe, Nourish which now has an official open date
FRESH START: Monique De Martin outside her new vegan cafe, Nourish which now has an official open date Matt Collins

REVEALED: New cafe has opening date

THE wait is over for health-conscious residents in the South Burnett as the new vegan cafe's open date has been revealed.

The much-anticipated vegan cafe, Nourish in Kingaroy St will officially open it's doors on Tuesday October 9.

Kingaroy resident for over ten years, Monique De Martin wanted to recreate a vegan cafe after the Giving Tree Cafe closed it's door earlier this year.

"I loved the Giving Tree, I was really sad when they closed," she said.

The new business owner who was previously making her yummy vegan treats at home and supplying cafes and healthy stores in Brisbane said she wants her cafe to be a place that stands out.

"I want people to come in and say 'oh my gosh, this is something new'," she said.

"I want it to be something exciting in people's day."

Mrs De Martin said she was overwhelmed with the support and offers she has received from locals and other business owners.

"I have had great friends do my signs and the gardening, all for free," she said.

"My good friend, Amanda has been here for the last seven days preparing recipes."

"Even the Utopia cafe couple (Josh and Hannah) came over and helped me for five hours on their anniversary night."

"It's so amazing, I just want to cry."

Nourish Cafe will have outside seating out the front and a lovely garden setting out the back where customers can enjoy good food with friends.

The all vegan cafe couldn't come soon enough for some health conscious South Burnett residents.

"Everyone seems to be very exciting for opening day," she said.

"Lots of people have messaged me and are coming in every day asking when we're going to open."

The new health cafe owner said even though she is opening the doors on Tuesday October 9, she was unsure just how prepared she will be.

"I don't think I'll ever be ready," Mrs De Martin said.

"I want to create awesome recipes so that in itself is a full time job."

Besides quality food and drinks, Mrs De Martin said the success of the business will come from building strong relationships with locals.

"I am looking forward to working with the community and meeting awesome locals," she said.