The design for the new sign for Kingaroy will highlight peanuts.
The design for the new sign for Kingaroy will highlight peanuts. South Burnett Regional Council

REVEALED: New look town signs to welcome Burnett tourists

NO PIGS will be taking pride alongside the peanuts on the new sign at the entrance to Kingaroy.

The entrance to 18 South Burnett towns will be getting a new look with signs to be erected soon.

The South Burnett Regional Council approved on the entry signage for 18 towns across the region during their September meeting last Wednesday.

Each of the signs display iconic parts of the town they represent, like peanuts on the Kingaroy sign.

Mayor Keith Campbell said through an informal consultation the council decided the pig emblem would not suit the town entry sign to Kingaroy.

"A person said when you travel around and you're asked where you come from, two items come to mind when you say Kingaroy -peanuts and Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen,” he said.

Cr Campbell said perhaps there were other ways to recognise the pork industry.

Cr Terry Fleischfresser said they had done a wonderful job on the sign artwork.

"No matter what industry grows, Kingaroy will always be known as the place of peanuts, so it deserves its spot here,” he said.

Cr Kathy Duff said the peanuts were not the only iconic thing from Kingaroy.

"Every other town has more than one thing on their sign,” she said.

"I agree Kingaroy has become known as the peanut capital, but with what BaconFest has done with the support of Swickers and the pork industry, it needs to be revisited.”

Council CEO Mark Pitt said any official consultation would delay when the signs would be installed.

"We aim to get the signs erected by Christmas,” he said.

"We could probably sit here for another year, if we wanted to talk about individual signs.”

"There's a fair chance the Kingaroy sign won't be delivered this financial year if things go through consultations.”

Mr Pitt said the main aim for the signs was tourism and therefore they should highlight the tourism highlights.

The council did agree to change the Murgon sign to include what Cr Duff said was a 'smiling fish'.

The council voted against changing the Kingaroy design and keeping the original sign designs for all of the towns except Murgon.