BULK BILLING: Sandra Corfield manages the new Kingaroy Medical Centre. Photo: Madeline Grace
BULK BILLING: Sandra Corfield manages the new Kingaroy Medical Centre. Photo: Madeline Grace

REVEALED: New medical centre and what they’re offering

KINGAROY Medical Centre has opened their doors and is finally offering locals a chance to see experienced GPs without having to wait weeks, or fork out a fortune.

Kingaroy Medical Centre manger and CEO of Rural Health Management Services Sandra Corfield said she was excited to bring these much-needed medical services to Kingaroy.

"We've been open for two and a half weeks now and are a bulk billing practice," Ms Corfield said.

"Dr Ali has moved here permanently and Dr Cameran lives locally in the South Burnett.

"The practice is managed by Rural Health Management Services, which is a charity that was formed by a division of rural doctors to support rural communities in need with additional medical services.

"So far we've had a really good response from the community which really warms my heart.

"People have been are able to come in and register their interest in being a patient or make an appointment.

"We're still at the stage where we are able to make same day and next day appointments."

Ms Corfield has been working in the medical industry for 30-plus years and started out as a registered nurse.

Through her experience in rural communities she said she has developed a passion for providing them with much-needed medical resources.

"We're in an ideal spot here in Haly St and think it's really important for Kingaroy to have a bulk billing medical centre," Ms Corfield said.

"Especially since it is quite a low socio-economic area with a large elderly population who may be pensioners with chronic pain who may be unable to afford regular doctors' appointments.

"I truly believe everyone here should have the right to and access to seeing a GP in a timely manner.

"Money should not be a factor.

"And rural communities deserve to have the same medical resources as metro areas."

Ms Corfield said she encouraged locals who have been unable to get in to see a GP, or who can't afford their current appointments, to come in to the Kingaroy Medical Centre on Haly St and sign up as a patient.

"We really just want to reach out and deliver the medical access Kingaroy needs," she said.

"It's not okay to not be able to see a GP in your local community.

"We're also hoping we will be able to take some strain off of the hospital's emergency department," she said.

"They've been overrun because locals are unable to get in to see a doctor. It's not their fault they're inundating the emergency department but hopefully having a bulk billing practice taking on new patients will help with this problem."