Head of suicide prevention group, Danita Potter is working hard to access funding.
Head of suicide prevention group, Danita Potter is working hard to access funding. Matt Collins

REVEALED: One thing making mental health funds hard to get

ACCUARATE data is standing in the way of one South Burnett group's quest to secure more funding for suicide prevention services in the region.

Suicide is the number-one cause of death for Queenslanders aged between 15 to 44.

This is according to the Queensland Suicide Prevention Plan compiled by the Queensland Government.

In the report, published in August 2019, Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk claims the state's target is to reduce the suicide rate by 50 per cent by 2026.

South Burnett Suicide Prevention Working Group chair and South Burnett councillor Danita Potter is also extremely passionate about decreasing the number of these unnecessary deaths.

The group is trying to access necessary funding to help implement its programs and events, and its members are thankful to the South Burnett businesses and community groups who have already contributed to the cause.

"We are extremely grateful to Stanwell who have given us $500 from one of their fundraising events,” Ms Potter said.

But they need more.

The plan is to present a document to Member for Maranoa David Littleproud to highlight the need for an increase in suicide prevention funding in the South Burnett.

But the biggest challenge the group faces is acquiring accurate figures to present to him.

"Statistics are one of our big goals we need to cover at the moment,” Ms Potter said.

But this is proving quite a challenge.

"Police do give us some stats,” she said.

Cr Potter is soon to meet with members of Darling Downs Health to hopefully secure some solid figures.

"I will meet with Darling Downs Health to see what can be released,” she said.

"I am only asking for numbers.”