The South Burnett Regional Council have released their $38.2 million capital expenditure program. (Picture: File)
The South Burnett Regional Council have released their $38.2 million capital expenditure program. (Picture: File)

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THE SOUTH Burnett Regional Council has released the 2020/21 budget, which includes a massive capital expenditure program.

Capital Expenditure Program

$5.825 million allocated for building assets

$2.315 million allocated for plant and fleet

$480,000 allocated for information technology

$22.524 million allocated for road and drainage

$3 million allocated for water supply

$3.735 million allocated for wastewater

$350,000 allocated for waste


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Individual Projects

$11.3 million Kingaroy Transformation Project – funded by $4.5 million of capital grant

$4.07 million gravel resheeting program

$4.1 million Niagara Road

$1.6 million bitumen reseal Program

$300,000 regional upgrade to wastewater scada

$317,000 for various upgrades at Boondooma Dam

$191,000 new amenities at Yallakool Tourist Park

$175,000 portable grandstands at Wondai Showgrounds

$100,000 Coronation Park Wondai drainage works

$1.1 million water main revitalisation, Kingaroy

$160,000 aircondition the Nanango Cultural Centre

$410,000 playground/softfall renewals across region

$3.4 million emergent works on sewer lines

$200,000 replace plant room at Murgon swimming pool

$100,000 water metre replacement program

$500,000 Murgon CBD footpath stages 3

$180,000 Taromeo Pedestrian Bridge

$80K Durong public amenities bore

$80,000 Blackbutt Skate Park shade shelter

$150,0000 park furniture across region

$450,000 water storage upgrades across region

Other significant operational and maintenance expenditure excluding depreciation

$2.369 million allocated to property maintenance

$1.057 million allocated to pools and halls

$1.286 million for tourist parks, VICs, galleries and museums

$6.867 million allocated to environment and waste

$803,000 towards natural resource management, pest management, dips and sale yards

$368,000 allocated to cemeteries

$1.058 million allocated to libraries

$7.535 million allocated to water supplies

$3.747 million for wastewater supplies

$1.580 million for ICT

$4.576 million rural services, parks and gardens and public conveniences