OFF AND RACING: Kevin Krosch at the start of the Leyburn Sprints.
OFF AND RACING: Kevin Krosch at the start of the Leyburn Sprints. Belinda Trapnell at Trapnell Cre

Revving up to create racing opportunities

MOTORSPORT: Kevin Krosch is passionate about car racing, and while he loves chasing after personal success on the track, he is also passionate about sharing his love of motorsport with fans and the broader community.

Krosch competed at the Leyburn Sprints at the weekend, where he finished in third place in his 1970 Ford Capri GTV8 in the sports sedans 2000cc class.

While he was pleased with the result, Krosch, who travels throughout Queensland to compete in up to eight races a year, said he took part in the event for the camaraderie as much as he did for the action on the track.

"I don't go there for results but go there for fun,” he said.

"I'm there to mix in with the guys and look at the cars.

"There are a lot of drivers that I see around the traps and that is why we keep going back, because they are great company.”

Leyburn is 60km northwest of Warwick with a population of just 400 people, but across the weekend that number swelled to 15,000 as motorsport enthusiasts flocked to the event to catch the action.

The sprints have been running for 23 consecutive years on Australia's first grand prix circuit.

"Leyburn is one of the best circuits and it just has the wow factor,” Krosch said.

While much bigger than the Wondai Sprints, which have been racing for three years, Krocsh is excited for the potential of the event in Wondai.

Krosch,who is the event organiser for the Wondai races, wants to create more opportunities for drivers in Queensland, with Wondai the only sprint track, other than that used for the Noosa Hill Climb, east of the Great Dividing Range.

Leyburn Sprints organisers have helped the Wondai committee launch and develop their event and Krosch is hoping the racing will attract quality drivers to Wondai in April 2019.

"Wondai is growing and we are going pretty good for three years,” he said.

"We are looking at getting Wondai off the ground.”