Rich kids of Saudi flaunt their wealth on social media

IT'S no secret that Instagrammers love to brag about their lives on social media.

But The Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia take it to a whole new level as they flaunt their lavish lifestyles with these outrageous online posts, The Sun reports.

The popular Instagram page showcases the life of the young elite in Saudi Arabia.

When the socialites aren't driving around in supercars, they're waving around wads of cash.


From vast deserts to towering skyscrapers, it's hard not to be impressed by the stunning landscapes.

Many of the rich kids also boast exotic pets, including cheetahs, tigers and chimps.

But worryingly, some of the people photographed also proudly brandish guns in the images.

Some clutch on to gold-plated rifles and handguns, while others menacingly cover their faces in balaclavas.