Ride-share driver mistakes stairs for driveway

A ride-share driver has had a close call after mistaking a set of stairs for a driveway in Bondi.

The Audi driver accidentally drove down the stairs leading to Wilson Parking on Hall St.

A NSW Police spokesman said they would not be pressing charges.

"There was some minor damage to the building and the particulars of the driver and building owner were exchanged," he said.

The incident baffled nearby workers, who arrived to see the car perched on the stairs this morning.


"It was not stuck there yesterday, we came this morning and saw it on the stairs," a man who works across the road said.

A staff member at the chemist two doors down said it was the talk of the town this morning.

"I've had plenty of customers ask about why it is there, and I have no idea," she said.

NSW Fire and Rescue had not been notified of the car, which is perched precariously at the top of the stairs.

Police were unsure which ride-share company the driver was working for.

The car park is surrounded by expensive restaurants and hotels, as well as a slew of hairdressers.