Nathan Hendy and Beau Smith reminisce on first 12 months at Ringsfield House.
Nathan Hendy and Beau Smith reminisce on first 12 months at Ringsfield House. Katherine Morris

Ringsfield owners look back on first 12 months

RINGSFIELD House's latest chapter as a cafe, restaurant and venue for weddings and functions enjoyed its first birthday last week.

Ringsfield is home to the popular cafe, restaurant, museum and venue for weddings, functions and special occasions.

November 21 was 12 months since the hard working pair of manager, Nathan Hendy and owner, Beau Smith opened the business.

The boys are using the one-year anniversary as a brief opportunity to take a breath and look back at how far they have come.

"Neither of us are from a hospitality background, we used to manage petrol stations,” Mr Hendy said.

While they have had their challenges, the first year has brought with it many rewarding experiences.

"We have been blown away with the number of groups, it's been great,” he said.

"Being involved in the weddings that have come through has an honour.”

Georgia Thompson: Brent and Georgia Thompson, ringsfield house 25/03/17.
Brent and Georgia Thompson are married at Ringsfield House Contributed

Mr Hendy said experiencing the memories and the listening to the stories shared at the Back to Nanango reunion earlier in the year was incredible.

"There were over 200 people from Nanango's past, present and future,” he said.

"It was great meeting the people who were born here.”

In one of its many lives, Ringsfield House was transitioned into a maternity hospital from 1942 through to 1970.

Over 3000 babies were delivered in Ringsfield House during this time.

"A lot of people know they were born in Nanango but they don't know it was Ringsfield,” Mr Hendy said.

"How many people can go back to where they were born and enjoy a coffee?

"Our cafe area is where they used to take the babies to get their sun during the day.”

Cafe owner, Mr Smith's mum was born at Ringsfield House and has had a strong involvement with the historical landmark for many years.

"Since we opened the cafe she has been here every Monday and Tuesday helping us out,” Mr Hendy said.

"She used to help with the historical society and play the organ with little sing-a-longs when groups would turn up.”

"For Beau and his family there is such a strong tie to Ringsfield.”

The future for Ringsfield House and these passionate cafe owners looks bright.

"Our goal is to continue building the business, it has been such an amazing experience,” Mr Hendy said.

"We want to make it a real tourist attraction as part of coming through the South Burnett.”

Mr Hendy was grateful to all those who have supported their dream.

"Thank you for coming and taking the time to see what has been restored and maintained here,” he said.

"Thank you for making the time and effort and also spreading the word.”