LNP Leader and Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington is deeply concerned about the potential rise of fentanyl in the South Burnett. (Picture: File)
LNP Leader and Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington is deeply concerned about the potential rise of fentanyl in the South Burnett. (Picture: File)

Rise of new toxic drug in region ‘could be devastating’

LOCAL member Deb Frecklington has seen first hand the devastating impacts of ice in the South Burnett and is deeply concerned about a new drug popping up in the region.

After working as a lawyer in Kingaroy and touring all over Queensland, Ms Frecklington has dealt with the effects of illicit drugs that are destroying communities across the state.

South Burnett police uncovered two new highly toxic drugs in the region and Ms Frecklington said the rise of fentanyl could be devastating.

"The increase of a drug like fentanyl is deeply concerning and the potential impacts and effects are frightening," Ms Frecklington said.

"Fentanyl is a very dangerous drug and I would hate to see a new wave of drugs rise in the South Burnett.

"Dave Tierney and the Queensland police have done a great job in the South Burnett with a number of large busts and it's important to not let something like fentanyl get a run on."

Despite these new drugs popping up, Senior Sergeant David Tierney said ice is still the biggest concern for South Burnett police.

"Our officers get a pinch a shift and it's rare our drug driving testing guys get two blocks past the station before finding a drug driver," snr sgt Tierney said.

"We get mothers, fathers and carers picking kids up from school while using ice.

"My guys will do raids three or four times a week and find ice almost every time."



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Ms Frecklington said the illicit drug problem in the Burnett was shocking.

"Ice is a sole destroying drug that is wrecking families and destroying businesses across the region," Ms Frecklington said.

"I have travelled all over Queensland attending ice forums and unfortunately the issue is very bad here and there are some shocking statistics and stories that come out of our region.

"I have dealt with the horrendous effects of ice in my days as a lawyer and that's why I am so driven to do something about the drug problem in regional Queensland."

If elected in October, the Liberal National Party plans to reduce drug-related deaths and crime in the Wide Bay area by increasing treatment options, and providing more opportunity for education and awareness.

Ms Frecklington has pledged to establish a new drug rehab centre in the region and said it's very important for people on ice to have access to detox and rehabilitation centres.

"I have had many meetings with doctors and addiction specialists that say ice is so highly addictive and for some people you only have to try it once to become addicted," Ms Frecklington said.

"I am very determined to implement a plan that would help our regional towns like Kingaroy, Nanango, Wondai and the places I represent.

"I have seen first hand the damages these drugs do to our community and that's why I do the job I do, to get better services and education for young people that drugs kill."