Lara Abel, 4, and Harriet Abel, 18mths, happily playing in water after 64mm of rain fell at Highfields, south west of Tambo
Lara Abel, 4, and Harriet Abel, 18mths, happily playing in water after 64mm of rain fell at Highfields, south west of Tambo Carroll Abel

Rivers run red after good rain in central west Queensland

RED dust has turned to mud and rivers running red out west after the outback copped a nice bucket load of rain over the weekend.

Graziers and townies alike have posted photographs and videos of the rain, or of children enjoying mud puddles and full dams, on the Who's Got the Rain? Facebook page.

Winnie Batt posted a photograph of two little girls with massive smiles on their faces as they played in waters that were left behind after 50mm fell at Hillview, 45km north west of Muttaburra on Saturday night.

April, 2, and Daisy Batt, 4, were waste deep in still waters Sunday morning when the snap was taken. It attracted 1,100 likes within four hours of being posted on Facebook.

Janice Smith commented the photo sums it all up - "the joy & relief that rain brings."

April and Daisy weren't the only Bush Kids photographed enjoying fresh water on the ground and the mud. There was one photo on the page of four kids from Charleville covered in mud - almost from head to toe.

Carroll Abel posted a photo of her two little ones playing in fresh still water

Meanwhile, Jesse Atkinson posted that they had 61mm at Crewkerne, Muttaburra, on Saturday night, making it a total of 140mm in eight days - surpassing the 116mm they had for the whole of 2017.

"This is not drought breaking rain but just what we hope is the beginning of a better season," one grazier said.

"Our neighbours only 40km away had 17mm so there is still a long way to go."

Teonie Dwyer posted photos she and her family took round Winton in the past two days, showing the difference in water levels at the top crossing and waterfall in the Bladensburg National Park.

Jacqueline Curley posted three images of the rain aftermath at Gipsy Plains, 64km north of Cloncurry, after they "finally ticked over the 100mm mark" yesterday.

"It has been a long time coming and much appreciated."

Sue Hegarty said the house dam of the family property at Colanya, north west of Longreach, was almost full after 35mm in 24 hours and 45mm the previous weekend.

Glen Rogers posted on Saturday afternoon that Toobrack Station, 68km, south west of Longreach, had 75mm by 9am that morning.

And it wasn't just the graziers out west - those that copped some good rainfall - that were celebrating. The residents of Townsville were also celebrating after their tap water source - the Ross River Dam went from 15% capacity to 85% in five days.

The north Queensland city had been pumping water from the back up source of the Burdekin Dam which also increased its capacity by 30% in the past five days.