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Robbie Williams' only addiction is his daughter

ROBBIE Williams says his daughter is his only addiction.

The 'Go Gentle' hitmaker has been open about his past problems with drugs and alcohol but now the star - who is married to Ayda Field - has insisted their 15-month-old child Theodora is the only thing he's "hooked on".

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "I'm hooked on anything that takes my mind off me.

"It used to be food, drugs, sex, the internet, smoking or TV. Now it's my daughter."

The singer explained fatherhood has made him "content" because he is no longer living life to feed his "ego", making him much more grounded.

He said: "I'm in a content stage of my life. That's because I'm married with a kid. I'm less reckless. I thought it was all about the cars and the clothes, the girls and the house. But none of that is for me.

"With a baby girl there's a point to it other than my own ego. I'm now tethered to the planet.

"I was a hermit for so long. Now I have to leave the house to take her to places and walk among the public. I'm forced to reacquaint myself with being human and I'm a better person for it."