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Robbie Williams rues weight gain

ROBBIE Williams has piled on the pounds since quitting smoking.

The singer turned designer has plans to model his own range of underwear like footballer David Beckham but his weight gain is preventing that from becoming a possibility.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Modelling my own undies is something I'm definitely interested in but I can't separate me from chocolate just now.

"I gave up smoking and put on two stone so I went, 'Right, I think skinny jeans are not for me right now so I'll hit the gym'.

"I've just got to keep my feet out of the pantry. I'm nearly 40 so it's now or never to lose weight.

"We need to ban chocolate. My fans should stop giving me Revels!"

While Robbie admits he doesn't know much about designing, the star hopes he will be as lucky with his latest career as he has been in the music industry.

Speaking about his Farrell collection, he said: "My management asked if I'd like to do a clothing line. I thought 'I've worn clothes all my life. I must know how to do this.'

"I'm delusional enough to think I can and was delusional enough to think I could write songs, sing them and people would come in droves to watch me again. So, hopefully, this will be another part of my grand delusional plan for life."

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