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Robert De Niro chased by IRS for unpaid taxes

ROBERT De Niro has paid a cheque for $6.4m to the IRS after it was revealed that he was being chased by the government for unpaid taxes.

The two-time Oscar winning actor was allegedly notified three months ago by the government agency that they would put a lien on his Tribeca New York condominium if he didn't pay the money owed from his 2013 personal tax filing, according to The Smoking Gun.

De Niro's representative Stan Rosenfeld stated yesterday that the entirety of the tax bill had been paid to the government when he realised the money was overdue: "He had a cheque ready for the full amount hand delivered to the IRS this morning."

He said that the tax bill had gone unpaid because IRS delinquency notices had been sent "to an old address."

The film star and restaurant owner, who has played a number of iconic roles in films including Raging Bull and Taxi Driver , holds an estimated worth of around $200 million.

He also has major ownership stakes in properties in LA, London and throughout Tribeca, including Nobu, Tribeca Grill, The Greenwich Hotel and Tribeca productions.