MasterChef Australia Top 10 contestant Rose Adam.
MasterChef Australia Top 10 contestant Rose Adam. Channel 10

Rose already living her food dream after MasterChef exit

THE "Eliminator" became the eliminated on MasterChef last night.

Adelaide cook Rose Adam was sent home after failing to replicate pastry chef Janice Wong's complicated Asian dessert.

Rose's luck and nerve ran out after becoming known amongst her fellow contestants and viewers as the "Eliminator" for surviving the most elimination cook-offs.

"It's never been about who I'm going into a pressure test with," Adam told APN.

"It's just about going 'this is the task, do the best you can to produce the best dish'."

Wong's signature Cassis Plum dish challenged all three cooks - Adam, Matthew Hopcraft and Reynold Poernomo - with its delicate sphere, 10 textures and refreshing balance of Asian flavours.

Chef Janice Wong's Cassis Plum dessert in a scene from MasterChef.
Chef Janice Wong's Cassis Plum dessert in a scene from MasterChef. Channel 10

"The challenge for me was Janice's concept of no reference. A lot of the techniques she has created from her own headspace and imagination. I literally didn't know how to do 90 percent of what was in there. You had to follow the recipe step by step and I stopped listening to my gut a little bit."

Adam has already realised her food dream of opening a café in Adelaide with her family.

The café opened a few weeks ago and the modern menu draws on their Lebanese heritage in dishes like beetroot humous and feta bagel and tahini banana bread.

"I was just saying to my sister the other day when we were planning the menu, if I hadn't had gone on MasterChef then I wouldn't be as brave to do some of the food we're doing," Adam said.

MasterChef Australia contestant Rose Adam pictured during a pressure test.
Rose Adam pictured during one of her many pressure tests. Channel 10

"MasterChef has taken the fear out of food a little bit. It has made me go 'relax and have fun with it'."

She said Hopcraft, Billie McKay, Ashleigh Bareham and Sara Oteri are the show's current top contenders.

"Matt's a bit of a quiet contender and Sara is definitely one to watch. She's very committed and focused," she said.

"Billie's so cool, calm and composed and that's quite a skill to have.

"It's so hard to call it… I want them all to win."

MasterChef Australia airs Sundays through Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.