Lizzy and Andy Vaughan with their baby Rosemary Jennifer Susan Vaughan.
Lizzy and Andy Vaughan with their baby Rosemary Jennifer Susan Vaughan. Warren Lynam

Rosie's birth an early Christmas miracle

AS LIZZY and Andrew Vaughan ate ice cream together by the beach, they were sure they were about to suffer another heartbreak.

Mrs Vaughan wasn't yet seven weeks pregnant, but was going in for a pregnancy scan after bleeding from the uterus worsened.

The nurses who had spoken to the Landsborough couple over the phone weren't hopeful.

Mrs Vaughan, an autism educator, had been undergoing IVF treatments for two years before she finally fell pregnant, hiding needle marks left by the daily hormone injections from her classes.

An existing condition meant her body didn't respond to the regular doses of egg-producing hormones, and doctors had to increase the dosage.

"It's this real fine balance of making sure the drugs are going to actually do something, but they're not going to do too much... there was a chance that I could get really sick from that as well," she said.

Once the eggs were finally harvested, the first egg then failed.

Every setback was upsetting, but to then lose the baby - the second egg - would have been the worse they had endured by far.

That's what Mr and Mrs Vaughan prepared themselves for, as they watched the ocean and ate ice cream.

But the appointment came and the scan revealed the baby was healthy, and as the parents-to-be heard their baby's heartbeat for the first time, they burst into tears.

Rosemary Jennifer Susan Vaughan was born three weeks early at 3.12am, September 20 at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, weighing 2.78kg.