FOCUSED ON 40: Kingaroy's James Maxwell is on track to break the 40-minute mark for 10km.
FOCUSED ON 40: Kingaroy's James Maxwell is on track to break the 40-minute mark for 10km. Matt Collins

Running Festival entrant finds new focus after break-up

KINGAROY'S James Maxwell has gone to extraordinary lengths on his quest to break the 40-minute mark for a 10km run.

The seasoned long-distance runner has entered into not one but two 10km runs at the upcoming Wondai Country Running Festival.

At last year's festival, Maxwell finished in third position with a time of 41min 58sec.

He is confident he can break the 40-minute hoodoo this year, one that has haunted him for quite some time.

"I am in a much more confident place," Maxwell said.

After a break-up with his overseas girlfriend last year, the 28-year-old put all his energy and focus into his running.

"I was in England, I lived through a winter over the year," he said.

"I was still running and going to the odd parkrun.

"After the break-up, I got the bug. That kind of helped me get fully into it."

Now the Kingaroy cabinetmaker has his sights set on his personal goals.

"I've been wanting to run a sub-40-minute 10km," he said.

And if his actions leading up to this month's Wondai Country Running Festival are anything to go by, Maxwell certainly means business.

It may be foreign to some of us, but Maxwell said running left him with feeling exhilarated.

"I just actually love running and the feeling you get from it," he said.

"It gives you a lot of self confidence.

"They say after you go for a run your endorphins are flowing."

Despite feeling good afterwards, Maxwell said it could be a challenge to keep a positive mindset while running.

"It's a tough one because your body is hurting and your mind is telling you to stop," he said.

"I used to have a little mantra I'd tell myself: The pain you're feeling right now isn't going to last forever."

The Wondai Country Running Festival is held in conjunction with the Wondai Country Festival on June 22 and 23.