Russell Brand
Russell Brand

Russell Brand not worried by nude photo hack

RUSSELL Brand isn't worried about being caught up in the nude celebrity photo scandal because he doesn't have any pics to leak.

The 39-year-old comedian is adamant he won't become a part of 'The Fappening' - which has affected over 100 star, including 'The Hunger Games' actress Jennifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne and Kelly Brook - and admits he has been perplexed by the "weird" leak.

When asked if a hacker would find naked pics of him, Russell told Time Out magazine: "I don't think so. I try not to do things I wouldn't want other people to see. The iCloud hacking thing's weird. It's presented as this incredibly appealing and attractive world of glistening skin and perfect boobs, so people go, 'I'll have a look at that, I'm really f***ing bored.' "

Although he claims he has no naked photos to be leaked, Russell is proud of his penis and at one stage he used to call his manhood 'The Emperor'.

He joked: "That guy, he's been through so many changes. He's different from one moment to the next. He's like Ruby Tuesday - who could put a name on him? He used to be called 'The Emperor' in more grandiose days, but those imperial times are somewhat over."

The 'Revolution' writer also spoke about his somewhat short-lived acting career, and although he felt his foray onto the big screen was "wasting" his time, he won't rule out a return to movies in the future.

The 'Get Him To The Greek' star said: "When I've made [films] in the past I've met some really wonderful people and had some really positive things come from them, but I've felt a bit like I was wasting my time. Sometimes it's good because you've got Alec Baldwin in the next caravan so you can go and chat to him. But I want to feel engaged by something. I mean, if it was the right film I would."