Saints president Daniel Clacy said the team were on the ball from the first bounce.
Saints president Daniel Clacy said the team were on the ball from the first bounce. Tobi Loftus

Saints remember the past on memorial day

AFL: The South Burnett Saints celebrated their history at a special heritage day on Saturday.

Saints president and player Daniel Clacy said the heritage day was a way of looking back.

"It's about remembering where we come from,” he said.

"Kingaroy had the Kingaroy Bulldogs and there was the Kingaroy and Nanango Jets for the juniors.

"Both folded quite a few years ago.”

Clacy said when the Saints formed a number of the old Bulldogs players put up their hand to help the new club.

"A lot of the fellas hung around for after the game on Saturday and gave a bit of a speech after the game,” he said.

"They said it makes them feel involved, even thought they might not play or run water, it makes them feel welcome.

"It was just a special day to recognise we aren't brand new, we have a heritage. We just wanted to say thanks to all the players and volunteers that came before us.”

The icing on the cake for the day came when the Saints defeated the Toowoomba Tigers 215-32.

"Towards the end I felt sorry for them,” Clacy


"In our first year we copped that from them, it's a bit bittersweet to hand that back to them.

"The team played well, everyone stood up and played well, no one took a back seat.

"We pedalled down from the first bounce.”

Clacy said the ladies team played well, though they lost to the Tigers.

"It wasn't as bad as the last time,” he said.

"They've shown heaps of improvement and had a ball like they always do.

"They're very inspiring to watch.”

The team will take the week off this week, but will head to Goondiwindi in two weeks time.