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Sandor accepts two-year drug ban

JAWS dropped all around Australia after Raiders winger Sandor Earl was issued with an infraction notice for breaching the league's anti-doping policy.

Earl accepted an immediate suspension as a result of the ongoing ASADA investigation.

The peptide Earl took, and was trafficking, was CJC-1295.

He is facing a two-year ban from professional sport for use of this drug, and four years to life for peptide trafficking.

NRL chief executive Dave Smith called a snap press conference at 4pm yesterday, catching many off guard with the surprise announcement, although Earl was named as a possible doper in Sydney media reports earlier this season.

Smith refused to say what club Earl was playing at while taking peptides.

"As of today we do not have evidence that warrants actions against any other parties," Smith said on possible action against other players.

"Today's development ... highlights our resolve in dealing with what are serious issues."

ASADA issued a statement yesterday saying it was unable to provide further comment, to protect the integrity of its investigation.