Let the madness begin - styling for Christmas.
Let the madness begin - styling for Christmas. iStock

Santa slays planet with the holiday of excess

The cost of Santa's carbon footprint is greater than you might think. Christmas can create tonnes of landfill and general waste and it's hard to know where to start if you want to create an eco-friendly Christmas at home.

The Christmas tree is a minefield. The fact is, whatever way you go, the PC police are bound to get you. If you have a real tree, it's going to be messy and it's likely to have consumed more carbon miles than all Santa's reindeer put together. But if you have a fake tree that's non-biodegradable, it's sure to end in tears - and in landfill.

As for decorations, there are essentially two types of festive styling. You can embrace the flashing, trashy Las Vegas style decorations or go with the sad Etsy, 'Have a very crafty Christmas!' variety. I suggest you go with what most reflects your family traditions, the demands of your children and your current state of mental health.

On the plus side of your eco scorecard, Christmas is an opportunity to turbo-charge your personal re-use habits. I like to think I'm eco-aware, so when it comes to Christmas gifting I go straight to my present drawer that is overflowing with 100 per cent fully redirected presents. My thinking is eventually someone has to appreciate the soap on a rope, the out-of-date hand cream or the candlemaking kit. Don't they?

It can be helpful to remember that Christmas Day is just like any other day, only more so. It really is the holiday of excess, so I suggest there is no right way to style a perfect Christmas at home.

Just relax, recycle the festive cheer and enjoy it.