Sky News - Peter Gleeson
Sky News - Peter Gleeson

Scrap pay rises for pen-pushing public servants

QUEENSLAND'S 270,000 public servants - other than those on the front line like nurses, ambos and cops - should be disqualified from their 2.5 per cent pay rise on July 1.

Under the terms of their current EBA, public servants automatically get a 2.5 per cent pay rise at the start of each financial year.

That's on top of the $1250 so-called bonus they've all been given, which cynics might suggest is to buy their vote for Labor.


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But with the private sector crumbling and job losses crippling the economy, the time has come for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to show some leadership and veto the CPI pay rise.

As the rush to Centrelink intensifies, not one public servant has been shown the door. There's

nothing wrong with that policy because it keeps the economy going at a time when so many people are losing their jobs.

But as everybody has to endure some form of fiscal pain, public servants should not be immune and their automatic entitlements should be abolished.

Those working from home - pen pushers - should not get the 2.5 per cent rise. Nurses, police and paramedics should.

They are the ones keeping society running at this most extraordinary of times.

The Commonwealth Government and local government should also apply similar restrictions on automatic pay rises in coming months.

Originally published as Scrap pay rises for pen-pushing public servants