Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery art director Catherine Woodham with one of the sculpture entries.
Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery art director Catherine Woodham with one of the sculpture entries. Madeline Grace

Sculpture Prize Exhibition winners to be revealed

KINGAROY Regional Art Gallery has opened its 2019 Sculpture Prize Exhibition, featuring 11 installations.

Two of the installations have been chosen by judges to go on permanent display in a public space within the South Burnett.

Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery art director Catherine Woodham said the judges spent Tuesday morning choosing the winners.

Of the 11 installations entered into the exhibition competition, five were created by South Burnett artists.

One of these five will be recognised as the winner of the South Burnett Award.

"The exhibition has been judged and the winners will be announced here at the gallery on Saturday, April 6 at around 11am,” Ms Woodham said.

"The mayor will be opening the exhibition on Saturday and announcing the winner. The judges will be here as well to talk a little bit about their decisions.

"It was a hard one. The judges were here for hours deliberating. There's just so many creative and thought-provoking sculptures here this year. It was a really tough decision for them to make.”

Ms Woodham said the artists had to consider how and where in the South Burnett they could set up their work if they won "because the winners' sculpture will be placed somewhere around the town”.

"This is done with the support of council of course,” she said.

"The gallery is run by a non-for-profit group called Kingaroy's Art Team.

"It was a huge passion of the founding members to encourage public art, so this competition and exhibition is a really good opportunity to help make that happen and fill our community with beautiful artwork.

"This is the second time we've had this exhibition and competition. The first winner had her installation art piece put outside of the town hall, near the footpath. It's a piece called Post Cards.”

Ms Woodham said she thought the exhibition was a great opportunity for artists in the region.

"It will encourage art to be recognised as a thing of beauty within the community, something for everyone in the South Burnett to appreciate,” she said.

"Maybe not everyone will visit our little art gallery, but I'm sure they will appreciate seeing the art out and about in our community.

"Hopefully having more art on our streets will make the community stop and go 'Wow, that's actually pretty amazing.' It's also such a fun and beautiful way to decorate the South Burnett.”

Head along to the official opening of the exhibition on Saturday, April 6 at 11am to find out which installations will be put on permanent display.

The exhibition will remain on display until Saturday, May 25.