Police at the scene of an armed robbery of a chemist at Gailes.
Police at the scene of an armed robbery of a chemist at Gailes. David Nielsen

Man shot in hold-up at chemist

A MAN was shot in the leg after trying to apprehend an armed bandit who held up the Gailes Pharmacy on Wednesday night.

The armed robber entered the Old Logan Rd chemist at 4.30pm and it is alleged he demanded money from a female shop attendant.

After being given a sum of money he tried to leave but two male bystanders attempted to prevent him from doing so.

A shot was fired and the robber then ran down a side street. One of the bystanders chased after him and tried to apprehend the robber, but was then shot in the leg.

The bandit was then seen leaving the scene on foot. The injured man, thought to be in his late 40s, was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital where he was on Wednesday night being treated for his wounds.

Ipswich detective inspector Lew Strohfeldt said police had been given a description of a vehicle that the robber possibly got into after the incident.

"There was a person seen to get into a small silver vehicle, possibly a Toyota Corolla," he said.

Police were on Wednesday night searching for the bandit.

The QT spoke to an eyewitness, Wally Howgego, about the incident.

"We pulled up here and the missus went to get milk and smokes ... and there was a hooded bloke carrying a gun," he said.

"He went inside and two blokes were outside trying to hold the door shut ... he came out and shot the gun and then one of the blokes chased him around the corner and swung him on the ground.

"Then we heard another gun shot and that is when he shot him in the leg. Then he (the robber) ran down the hill. We didn't see a car. He was wearing a black jumper with a hood."

Mr Howgego and his partner tried to assist the injured man but said a man from a local hardware shop was attending to his wounds.