Peter Kelly and Greg Moore are grateful to be on dry land.
Peter Kelly and Greg Moore are grateful to be on dry land.

Missing fisherman grateful to be on dry land


FISHERMEN Peter Kelly and Greg Moore have thanked Volunteer Marine Rescue and other rescue services who went to their aid today after their vessel came into trouble.

The pair's family raised the alarm when they failed to return home yesterday after their vessel broke down.

They were towed into the Mackay Marina this afternoon and are grateful to be back on dry land.



THE missing vessel has been located near Snare Peak Island.

RACQ CQ Rescue is departing now to drop a marine radio down to the vessel to establish communications with the people on board to find out the cause of their distress.

More to come.



RESCUE services are currently searching for a 17ft half cabin vessel carrying two people that went missing on the Great Barrier Reef, 60nm east of Mackay yesterday.

The two people departed from Sarina boat ramp at 6am yesterday morning but their family reported them missing at 6pm last night when they failed to return home.

RACQ CQ Rescue and Volunteer Marine Rescue Mackay are among those taking part in the search.

The rescue helicopter and crew departed Mackay at 7am this morning and were searching near Alarm Reef and conducted a spiral search pattern but are currently on their way back to base.

A spokesperson said the rescue service is expected to re-tasked again today but the search had been handed over to Australian Search and Rescue.

No further details are known at this stage.

This task follows on from a late task overnight to Collinsville - more details on this mission to follow.