Chris Lynn of the Brisbane Heat raises his bat after his side's win over the Hobart Hurricanes.
Chris Lynn of the Brisbane Heat raises his bat after his side's win over the Hobart Hurricanes. DAN PELED

'See ball, hit ball and play everything on its merits'

CRICKET: Chris Lynn has revealed the secret to his unmatchable six-hitting ability.

The Brisbane Heat star has whacked a "Lynn-credible” 26 sixes in five matches this summer.

In six Big Bash seasons he has cleared the boundary 94 times. West Indian star Chris Gayle is next best with 51 sixes.

Lynn produced the best innings of the current tournament against the Scorchers in Perth on Thursday, smashing 11 sixes in an unbeaten knock of 98 off 49 balls.

He is the hottest player in the popular Twenty20 tournament and has revealed how he hits so many balls over the ropes.

"Keep your head still,” he said.

"You can't see the ball if your head is shaking around.

"That's something I've always said to young kids.

"If you're lying down on the couch trying to watch TV it's harder to watch the show compared to when you're sitting up.

"Keep your eyes parallel to the ground, head still and swing hard.”

If you watch Lynn closely you can see he sticks true to his mantra.

His eyes rarely blink when a bowler is running in, he watches the ball when it leaves the bowler's hand and his head is dead still when he makes contact with his massive Gray-Nicolls bat.

"I've lived and died by that my whole career,” Lynn said.

"You've got to give yourself the best advantage to hit the ball and that's to keep your eyes parallel to the ground and your head still.

"That's common sense I reckon but it's something a lot of players can go away from, especially when you're moving around the crease.

"All the good players can move around but at the point of contact their head and eyes are still.”

Lynn does not try to hit every ball into the crowd - or out of the stadium.

He has remained not out at the end of his three big innings (84, 85 and 98) this summer and gives good deliveries the respect they deserve.

"I've always kept things pretty simple,” he said.

"The more you complicate things and think about it, that's when you get yourself in trouble.

"I've been keeping it simple - see ball, hit ball and play everything on its merits.

"I've had heaps of luck. There's been four or five dropped chances.

"You make your own luck, especially if you can hit the ball hard then it's tougher to catch.

"That's the game.”

Lynn could reach 100 career Big Bash sixes when the Heat hosts Perth at the Gabba on Wednesday.