We live in an amazing world and we can contribute to that.
We live in an amazing world and we can contribute to that. iStock

See the light, then be it, for a better world

Do you know that saying "practise random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”? It's attributed to the writer Anne Herbert.

In many ways this is a joyous mission that we can all embark on given the seemingly endless array of negativity and 'bad' or should I say - with tongue in cheek - 'fake' news that seems to be surrounding us and constricting our ability to see the wonder and joy in every day and in everyday things.

We live in an amazing world, and while useful, once we get outside of the influence of media, social or otherwise, we get a chance to be in it. When those armadas of trucks rolled out west filled with bales of feed for the stricken farmers to show support - what's that if not a random act of kindness by hundreds of people?

When dresses and other clothes were collected for those students so they could attend a prom and have a timeout from the pressure of the drought, that's a joyous thing for them and the lovely people who made it happen.

I was in a cafe recently and a team of paramedics came in. They looked like they had had a hard day and while they were talking among each other I went up and said to the barista that I would pay for whatever they had. They didn't know it and they don't need to know.

They deserve recognition, support and kindness for all that they do for us. I've done the same for police - I was one a long time ago - fireys, nurses and anyone else who seems to be down at the time. You can too.

If we all set out to defy the 'dark' in our world and bring more light into it by doing random things that put a smile on someone's face or a sense of relief to a person's situation then surely we're helping to build a community with goodness at its heart.

That's got to be a worthy pursuit doesn't it? Otherwise, what are we allowing? We're over politicians and politics - yet we allow them to get away with the sort of childish and egotistical antics we've seen play out these past few weeks.

As we accept this behaviour we create a new norm of a lower standard than what we expect and, in accepting it, we enable it and the downward spiral continues. If we continue to do that we are going to become inured to the needs of others and end up as observers in a world we don't like.

If you don't want that then take up the challenge. Get out there and put a smile on a face today. Practise random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Spread it like a virus or the way I spread butter on toast - thick. Invite your friends and colleagues to play too. Let's get bit of light back into the world.