A man kept driving away from police even after his tyres were deflated by stingers.
A man kept driving away from police even after his tyres were deflated by stingers.

'Disrespectful' driver slammed for putting others at risk

BEHIND the wheel of a stolen car Scott Tanner was driving dangerously when he slammed into a police vehicle during a pursuit through Toowoomba.

Tanner stole the car after he assaulted a man in North Ipswich. When stingers cut and deflated the tyres he continued driving, a court heard.

Ipswich man Scott James Tanner, 38, appeared in the dock at Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded to assaults causing bodily harm to a male in North Ipswich on February 21, 2019; assaults causing bodily harm to male in Toowoomba on February 22, 2019; dangerous operation of a motor vehicle with 2 prior convictions; driving when disqualified on the Warrego highway; failing to comply with a police order to stop; stealing a set of keys in Toowoomba; and unlawful use of a stolen car at Bundamba.

The case was prosecuted by both Emma Roser for the Crown and police prosecutor Jack Scott - with Tanner's criminal history revealing he'd been before the court 21 times with nine offences of violence including for armed robbery, assault, and wounding.

Ms Roser said that while in jail on remand Tanner assaulted a corrections officer in March last year which involved him kicking the male officer.

In the latest matters a car had been stolen in Bundamba just after midnight on the morning of February 22 and was written off when it crashed into a police car when being driven by Tanner.

Ms Roser said its owner had been assaulted and now lives in fear of another assault.

Tanner had already spent eight months in custody and the Crown sought a sentence of two years jail with Tanner given immediate parole. Mr Scott said Tanner had effectively served enough time, saying he constantly flouts the rules with two previous convictions for dangerous driving.

Mr Scott sought a four year driving disqualification.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick said Tanner would return to his work on fishing trawlers and be away from drug use.

"We accept it's an appalling and unenviable criminal history," Mr Kissick said.

Magistrate Jason Schubert touched on Tanner's past offending and the penalties imposed, saying that his continued offending showed contempt for court orders and a lack of respect for the safety of others.

"You assaulted a hotel manager over a $50 bond and split his right eye causing it to bleed," he said shedding some light on the facts.

"You had limited control of the car as its tyres were deflated (by stingers) and you continued on."

Mr Schubert said Tanner drove onto the wrong side of the road many times and on a blind corner, and other drivers had to take evasive action.

"You failed to stop and swerved directly into a police vehicle damaging it and at a time when you were disqualified," he said.

Mr Schubert said the car's owner suffered emotional and physical trauma with a fractured eye socket and partial deafness to his left ear after being struck with an unknown object.

He now wears a hearing aid and been seeing an ear nose and throat specialist.

For the two assault offences Tanner was convicted and sentenced to two concurrent jail terms - one of two years, the other 18 months with lesser penalties on the other charges.

Tanner's licence was disqualified two years on the dangerous operation charge, and three years for driving when disqualified.

With 238 days in jail declared as being time served he was given immediate parole.

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