Geoffrey Doolan has a long history of sexual predation across Queensland.
Geoffrey Doolan has a long history of sexual predation across Queensland. Sherele Moody

Serial sex perv free as jury acquits him of prison assaults

A SERIAL sex offender who has attacked children and women across Queensland is back on the streets after a jury acquitted him of repeated sexual attacks on a fellow inmate while in prison.

Geoffrey Doolan faced a short trial in Brisbane District Court this week.

He pleaded not guilty to four charges of sexual assault against another prisoner at Wolston Correctional Centre in June 2017.

It was alleged the 51-year-old used his finger, hand and fist to assault the other man while the alleged victim was making cups of tea, a sandwich and coming out of the shower.

The defendant is also alleged to have called the other prisoner "a gay p----er who loves c---".

Crown prosecutor Simon Lewis said Mr Doolan told the prisoner that he was "going to make his a--- sore" and that he was going to "f--- him up the a---".

However, Doolan's defence barrister Tom Zwoerner told the jury on Tuesday that the man who made the allegations could not be believed because he was a "criminal, violent and a liar".

Mr Zwoerner said it was also strange that the alleged victim did not tell police about the alleged assaults for eight months.

"You need to put any emotions you might have about the case aside," Mr Zwoerner said in his closing address to the jury.

"You need to look at the reliability of the alleged victim, his capacity for dishonesty and violence and the circumstances under which he made the complaint.

"He has admitted he is a man of violence and that he is a liar.

"You are not here to like my client but to convict this man on the state of this evidence would mean you are convicting an innocent man."

Now that the trial is over, NewsRegional can reveal Doolan has a lengthy criminal history spanning Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and Brisbane.

His sexual abuse history  included  three years in jail for fondling himself in front of two young boys in a toilet in Brisbane.

He also threatened to rape one of them.

We cannot detail the other offences for legal reasons.

Doolan has also repeatedly breached a strict five-year sex offender supervision order that requires him to abide by 35 conditions or risk being sent back to prison.

The supervision order is due to end in 2020. - NewsRegional