ICE STORM: A Nanango SES crew member shows some of the hail stones after the severe storm on October 11.
ICE STORM: A Nanango SES crew member shows some of the hail stones after the severe storm on October 11. Nanango SES

SES execute quick clean up operation after storm

AT THE heart of the South Burnett's recovery from last week's severe storms, was a whole band of volunteers.

South Burnett SES controller Arthur Dawson said the volunteers had massive hearts.

"The combination of the SES, rural fire and urban fire working as a team and unit, we were able to knock over the jobs pretty quickly,” he said.

Volunteers from the Nanango SES were joined by the crews at Blackbutt, Murgon, Kingaroy, Wondai, and Proston, who teamed up with the urban and rural fire brigades for the clean up from the storm on Thursday October 11.

"They all gave up their free time to assist the general public,” Mr Dawson said.

They tended to a wide variety of damage, attending to calls into the night on Thursday, and then from 5am the next day, and over the weekend.

"It was pretty savage, it was a nasty storm, it was pretty much a tornado that came through,” he said.

Some houses had roof sections removed, sheds were blown to bits and the driveways were littered and covered with trees.

"The SES undertook tarping of roofs, general clean-up and placing plastic over smashed windows, there was quite a few of those,” Mr Dawson said.

The auxiliary fire brigade volunteers assisted Ergon with the broken powerlines, and a couple of farms had their sheds destroyed over their harvest of cattle food.

A couple of piggeries were also damaged, and the SES crews had to cover sections of the piggery to protect the pigs from being sunburnt.

The crews also took the time to talk with the residents and check they were all right.

"At the end of the day, a lot of it is the emotional impact on people, it upsets people when they get that sort of damage,” Mr Dawson said.

Crews also assisted with clean up at Coolabunia Primary State School, which had lots of trees down.

The SES crews had already been hard at work, with several other storms hitting the South Burnett over the previous week.

Nanango SES crews assisted Nanango residents whose entire veranda was blown up and on to their roof, causing a considerable amount of water to enter their home, on October 6.

Crews patched up the roof with tarps to stop the water damage, returning to finish the job after crews were initially unable to complete the job due to lightening.

Mr Dawson said residents should make sure they clean out their yards and make sure nothing is loose during this year's storm season.

"We are well and truly into the storm season and the fire season, so both of them could be hitting hard this year,” he said.

Secure any iron, garden furniture or even trampolines so they do not become a missile.

"Basically anything that can become a missile, or fuel for a fire,” Mr Dawson said.

Residents should also check and clear their gutters of any leaves and twigs which may stop the water from flowing through the pipes properly.

If another storm does go through and assistance is required, or assistance is still required from the previous storm, residents are encouraged to contact SES on 132 500 or the South Burnett Regional Council on 4189 9100.