Domestic violence.
Domestic violence.

Several witnesses give versions of Harvey Rd concert ‘coward punch’

SEVERAL witnesses to an alleged brutal assault at the Hotter than Hell music festival in Gladstone last year were called to give evidence in court this week.

Angus William Alexander Daisley has been committed to stand trial in the district court after several witnesses gave evidence at his committal hearing in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Mr Daisley faces one charge of grievous bodily harm and two charges of assault occasioning bodily harm while in company after an alleged assault at the Harvey Road Tavern on January 20, 2018.

The first witness to give evidence at the hearing was the victim of Mr Daisley’s most serious alleged attack, Dwayne Howkins.

Mr Howkins told the court he attended the concert with his young son, wife and some friends.

Mr Howkins said he and his son were walking ahead of their group as they left the concert in search of a taxi.

He said while he and his son were walking, they saw a man with no shirt who was “extremely agitated” and “yelling and screaming” at people.

Police were alleging this man was Mr Daisley.

Mr Howkins said he and his son walked past the man without engaging with him but heard him say “I’m coming for you c---”.

He and his son turned to see the man “sprinting” towards him.

Mr Howkins said he stood in front of his son and was punched in the jaw.

Mr Howkins said another man, known to Mr Daisley, began to punch him and the pair began to wrestle on the floor.

Mr Howkins said he was unsure whether Mr Daisley assaulted his son but his son was lying on the ground unconscious.

He said while checking on his son he was “coward punched” in the back of the head.

Mr Daisley was charged by police on the basis he assaulted both Mr Howkins and his son.

Next to give evidence was Mr Howkins’ son, Zac, who told the court he and his dad were hospitalised after the attack.

Zac’s evidence was similar to his dad’s, however he could not remember much of the assault.

Both gave evidence that there had been no incidents involving Mr Daisley and the other man at any time during the concert and therefore could not understand why they were singled out.

However two women that attended the concert gave different versions of the events leading up to the assault.

The women attended the concert together and left at the same time as the Howkinses.

One woman told the court she saw the man police alleged was Mr Daisley removed from the venue prior to the assault.

She said that’s how his shirt came to be ripped.

The woman said she didn’t see him abusing or yelling at anyone and, in fact, he was crying.

The woman told the court he was calm until a man walked past him and said something “derogatory” and “offensive”.

Mr Daisley’s lawyer Michael Bosscher described the build of Dwayne and Zac Howkins and asked the woman if the men matched their descriptions.

The woman said she could not be sure.

She told the court the two men ran towards each other and “all hell broke loose”.

Her friend told the court a similar story as she saw it unfold from inside her car.

The other woman said she saw two men walk past the man police were alleging was Mr Daisley.

Mr Bosscher described the build of the Howkins men and the woman said the two men she saw had similar builds.

She said one of the men turned and ran back towards the man police were alleging was Mr Daisley. The woman said she saw the victim get punched.

Mr Bosscher said there was a “prima facie” case against his client and asked the magistrate to commit him for trial.

Acting magistrate Philippa Beckinsale committed the matters for trial in the district court at a future date.