The mother attacked the teenager while she was waiting for the ambulance.
The mother attacked the teenager while she was waiting for the ambulance. MILLARD RUSSELL

'She said she was going to fight us': Mum attacks daughter

A 'PROBLEM' teenager was left sobbing after her mother punched her and pulled her hair while she waited for an ambulance.

The 37-year-old woman pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge of assault occasioning bodily harm in Murgon Magistrates Court on April 30.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the Cherbourg mother had been driving home from a party with her two daughters when she asked the 16-year-old girl to pass her phone over on April 7.

"She passed it to the defendant but it flew out of her hand and out of the car,” he said.

The court heard the woman started verbally abusing and threatening to assault her daughter.

When they arrived home the teenager went to her bedroom and soon came out to go to the bathroom due to a nose bleed.

The court heard the mother then approached her and forced the girl backwards.

"Placing her fist against the child's face, she pushed her head whilst continuing to verbally abuse the child,” Sgt Stevens said.

"The defendant then hit her a couple of times in the head before threatening to further assault the child.”

The 16-year-old girl was then able to leave where she ran off, packed a bag and called an ambulance.

The court heard the teenager had decided to sit on a chair on the verandah while she waited for the ambulance to arrive.

"The defendant came outside, pulled her hair and punched her in the head,” he said.

Sgt Stevens said the teenager had moved to try and cover herself up.

Her 12-year-old sister said the teenager had then gone back inside to wait for the ambulance.

"She gave her sister a hug and told her to go into her room, the victim was sobbing,” Sgt Stevens said.

"Five minutes later the police and ambulance arrived.”

"It is a sad incident, it's totally unacceptable.”

Police had been called to the Cherbourg Hospital at 11pm that night after doctors reported the teenage victim had injuries which suggested an assault.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said this included minor bruising to the right side of the teenager's head.

"Causing bruising on a child's head is quite a serious thing,” she said.

Sgt Stevens said the 12-year-old girl later told police her sister had red eyes and her hair was mucked up after being in a bun.

"She told police, 'Mum said she was going to fight us the next day when she was sober,” he said.

Defence lawyer Margaret Crowther said the teenage daughter was a 'problem child.'

"The daughter had been a difficult child and had gone missing a number of times,” she said.

The defendant had moved to Cherbourg to be closer to family to assist with the child.

Ms Crowther said the child had been secretly drinking alcohol with a cousin at the party, and the mother had also been drinking at the party.

"The father is absent, my client is trying to raise the family on her own,” she said.

The court heard she was working with family members and child safety to put a family plan in place.

Magistrate Pink said this was shocking conduct for a mother.

"You are the adult, she is the child and you are the one who is responsible for her well being.”

"She gets into her bed with her little sister sobbing, that paints a very sad story,” she said.

Magistrate Pink said the woman's anger management seemed to be a problem.

"Courts are very clear domestic violence is unacceptable, particularly to this level against a child,” she said.

"Don't point the finger at her, you need to look after her and look after the best interest of your younger daughter too.”

The woman was given a probation order for nine months.

Convictions were recorded.