Ebriony Rawlins, 19, has started her own succulent business.
Ebriony Rawlins, 19, has started her own succulent business.

She was expelled from school, now she has her own business

SHE will openly admit she was expelled from school in 2015, but now the 19-year-old has her own business and she hasn't looked back.

Despite the struggles she faced during high school, things have never been better for Ebriony Rawlins who is encouraging other young people to follow in her tracks.

She's in her first year of university chasing her strong passion for organic chemistry, works shift work at Kmart and now manages her business, NQ (North Queensland) TROPICULTURE, which is in the "beautiful Tropics of Far North Queensland".


The business ranges from succulent and cacti plants to customised pots, bohemian home decor, clothing, gardening and camping supplies and more.

Ebriony admits it is "a lot of work for a 19-year-old entrepreneur" but adds that she "wouldn't have it any other way".

Inspiration sparked with her strong interest in plants, and over the years she has built a nursery "filled with thousands of beautiful plant varieties, mainly succulent and cacti varieties, as well as exotic and tropical plants". Although she said the business was not open yet, due to ongoing developments.

Ebriony said after collecting as many varieties as possible and multiplying her collection, she came to rough point in her life.

"Money was tight as I was just about to start uni, was caught in debt and to top it off nearly lost my life in a severe car accident," she said. "I decided to start setting up local market stalls to share my collection."

As well as market stalls, she also sold through her Instagram page, which has "built up quite a large community" of more than 7600 "like-minded succulent fans", as she describes. "From there, I have expanded and registered my business and have big plans for my nursery in the near future," she said. Ebriony is happy to be the proud owner of a business all while she's "still a teen".

She wanted to take the opportunity to inspire young people to take advantage of their ability to "learn and expand" no matter the situation. Referring to her rough path in high school she said "I didn't let that get me down" and "I would love to encourage young people to do the same".