'IRRESPONSIBLE': A 21-year-old man faced the Murgon magistrate on Tuesday.
'IRRESPONSIBLE': A 21-year-old man faced the Murgon magistrate on Tuesday. Lorenzo Cafaro/Pexels

'She wouldn't be happy': Man pays for driving partner's car

SPARKS flew from the back tyre when Sabastian Solomon Fisher screeched his partner's car on the corner of Barambah Ave, Cherbourg.

Police saw the 21-year-old sliding the 1986 Toyota Coop sideways and revving the car at 9.45pm on June 18.

Magistrate Louisa Pink labelled Fisher's behaviour as irresponsible in Murgon Magistrates Court yesterday.

"She lost her car for three months, so I am hoping your relationships is strong enough for that because she wouldn't be happy with that,” she said.

"In a rural community like this, if you don't have a licence it makes it more difficult to get to work and to be able to participate in lots of aspects of life, so I hope this is a lesson for you.”

Defence lawyer Tim Campion said Fisher, who works as a sport and recreational trainee in Cherbourg, accepted his behaviour was reckless, and it was caused by a sense of play.

Fisher was fined $350 and was given two demerit points but he was not disqualified from driving.