Shoplifting 'rampant' in the city

CLIFFORD Gardens Supa IGA manager Glenn Sullivan agreed with Bevan Betros' stance on shoplifting: Enough is enough.

After Mr Betros spoke out against the constant shoplifting at the Toowoomba Betros Bros store in Russell Street, Mr Sullivan said he could relate all too well.

“Shoplifting is a huge problem for us,” he said.

“I have noticed a definite increase in the amount of shoplifters over the last few months, and that's just the ones we've caught,” he said.

Mr Sullivan said the most commonly stolen items at his store were health and women's beauty products and baby food.

“Most of the shoplifters are female,” he said, “and a lot of them tend to be young.

“We do get the odd mature age person, as well as kids stealing drinks and lollies.”

Mr Sullivan said he had also managed the High Street IGA store, which had a lower level of shoplifting, but said stealing at the Gardentown store was “rampant”.

“We have some people who shop at our store undercover, ready to catch anyone caught shoplifting. We'll have around two or three caught each day,” he said.

Mr Sullivan warned against would-be five-finger discounters.

“We prosecute every shoplifter we catch, even if it's a 20-cent lolly.”