Blackbutt Town Hall. Photo: Jordan Philp / South Burnett Times
Blackbutt Town Hall. Photo: Jordan Philp / South Burnett Times Danielle Lowe

Blackbutt supermarket is still going ahead - Mayor

A SUPERMARKET is still coming to Blackbutt according to the mayor, despite work not yet starting on clearing the proposed area.

When the deal was struck August last year to build a supermarket at the site of the Blackbutt Community Hall, former mayor Wayne Kratzmann said it could be ready by July.

His successor, Keith Campbell said that date would not be met, but work was well underway by the developer, Breezeway Developments, behind the scenes.

"The current status is the hall will be moved and the supermarket will be constructed," Cr Campbell said.

"There are processes to go though."

A rival developer has attempted to capitalise on the delay, with Kingaroy and Yarraman Supa IGA owner John Hyslop urging the council to drop Breezeway and go with him.

Mr Hyslop recently submitted his own proposal for a Blackbutt supermarket to the council, which he said would be a better option for the town.

"We are looking at getting something happening at an alternative site, that way the hall can stay where it is," Ms Hyslop said.

Under his proposal a supermarket would be built at the location of the CWA Hall on Coulson St and John St.

"I think we could get something up and running in six to nine months," he said.

And importantly, this would save the cost of moving the hall, which he was sceptical could be done at an affordable price.

He pointed to the $50,000 listed in details of the council vote from August last year as too little to move the hall.

Mayor Campbell disputed this, and said the $50,000 was only to tidy up surrounds when the building is moved, and the developer would pay for moving the hall.

"They are moving the hall completely at their own cost, ratepayers will not be slugged," Cr Campbell said.

The mayor added that Mr Hyslop was free to pursue his own development, but that the council would not be going back on their current contract with Breezeway.

Part of the delayed development was the number of departments and agencies needed for the move, including the Department of Transport of Main Roads.

Despite his certainty that the development was moving ahead the mayor was not confident about when it would open because of the number of steps needed for it to go ahead.

"I would not even venture a date," he said.