TOP KIDS: Misty-Ann, Isobel, Harriet and Asher Somerfield.
TOP KIDS: Misty-Ann, Isobel, Harriet and Asher Somerfield. Meg Gannon

Siblings recognised for caring for disabled sister

THE Somerfield siblings are a well-oiled machine.

To take care of their little sister Harriet, who has cerebral palsy, the family has to work in harmony.

Misty-Ann, 12, helps her mum Lynda dose out Harriet's medication every day.

Asher, 10, is the only one who knows how to calm Harriet down, and it's as simple as speaking to her in a calm tone, and even singing.

Harriet's twin sister Isobel, 7, may only be young, but she helps with Harriet's food and provides plenty of giggles in the family with her electric personality and funny stories.

As Mrs Somerfield watched her children take care of their sister, she didn't think twice about nominating her children for the Children of Courage award.

"Harriet gets so much attention all the time, so I thought it was something special for them just to feel it was about them for once,” she said.

Harriet also received an award for her continual improvement with her condition.

Through weekly physical therapy and speech pathology, Harriet is improving day by day, making her a worthy recipient of the Children of Courage award.

As for Misty-Ann, taking care of Harriet is such a normal part of her life that when her name was called, the first thing she thought was, "do I actually deserve it?”

"It's normal stuff that I was bought up with,” Misty-Ann said.