The Redbacks have numbers in defence.
The Redbacks have numbers in defence. Claudia Williams

Skills key to success in junior football

SOCCER: Players continue to be challenged in the Football South Burnett cadets division with tight competition between the teams.

This was no exception on Saturday when the South Burnett Window Tinting Redbacks faced the Local Search Bears.

Two goals in the second half by the Redbacks forced the game to finish in a draw with each team finding the net three times.

Emma Keinhans plays at striker for the Redbacks and enjoys taking the field alongside her team mates.

"It is really good because we all get along really well and we will joke around off the field but when we are on we all play together as a team,” she said.

Emma has played with the Redbacks for four seasons and has also been playing for South West and South Burnett for two years.

She enjoys being able to take to the field with other players to improve her game.

"Because it is South West it is not just Kingaroy it is a lot bigger and I get to play with different kinds of people who have different soccer abilities,” Emma said.

"This season I want to improve on my touches so that when I pass and when I shoot they get better .”

Emma will have this opportunity next Saturday when the South Burnett cadets and 12-13 teams will travel to Dalby for the second round of the inter-club challenge.

Callum Shute is the coach for Emma's Redbacks team and is proud of the players' efforts so far this season.

"They are playing really good footy and we have got a couple of things to work on but every team does,” he said.

Shute also coached a side last season and he said that coaching junior players was very rewarding.

"It is a very rewarding thing as a coach when you can see a player that has been shown something finally do it themselves and show you that they have got the ability to do it,” he said.

"With kids at this age there is a lot of self-doubt in their ability so our job is to try and build them up to be good players.”

By the end of the season Shute hopes his players have a good understanding of how to play possession football and have the ability to apply it in game situations.

"Our aim is to teach them possession football and to hold the ball and not give it to the other team,” he said.

"We do a lot of possession drills so we play a lot of ultimate Frisbee and it teaches the kids movement off the ball which is paramount to success with possession football.”