THE overseas family of a man who plunged to his death in a weekend skydiving accident has asked police to investigate what went tragically wrong.

First time parachute jumper Mario Low Ke Wei, 29, from Singapore, died along with his 60-year-old instructor, Adrian Lloyd, during a 4,200m tandem skydive near Wilton, 90km northwest of Sydney on Saturday.

Their bodies were found in the driveway of a property in Wilton, southwest of Sydney, a few hundred metres from the "dropzone" base of Sydney Skydivers.

Mr Low's heartbroken sister Angeline said her he had only just arrived in Sydney and the family hoped police would find out the cause of the accident.

GoPro footage of the pair, moments before their fatal jump.
GoPro footage of the pair, moments before their fatal jump. Facebook - Dusty Leonard

"Always thought tandem jump is safe. We need a closure to this," she told the Daily Telegraph. "What happened?"

Mr Lloyd, who had completed nearly 10,000 skydives and had almost 30 years' experience, was yesterday remembered as a "consummate professional" who once joked death by skydiving was "the best way to go".

Sydney woman Emma Breen, 22, jumped with Mr Lloyd last year for her 21st birthday and said he was very "laid back" and told her "accidents don't happen".

"I have a fear of heights so I actually asked him what would happen if the parachute doesn't work and he said there was a back-up one and I said what if that doesn't work?

"He said well, basically you just try to survive. If you've going to go, it's the best way to go ... He said you had more chance of dying in a car accident."

Sydney Skydivers cancelled all flights on Sunday and extended its sympathies to the families involved.

One of the men, who died in a tragic skydiving accident.
One of the men, who died in a tragic skydiving accident. Damian Shaw

In a statement the company said Mr Lloyd had done nearly 10,000 sky dives and had nearly 30 years' experience and the particular tandem skydive was "not especially challenging".

"The jump was from normal height and it is not yet clear what occurred," a spokesman said.

"Our staff and expert accident investigators from The Australian Parachute Federation are assisting police with the investigation into what is an extremely unusual event."

Ms Low said her brother, who worked for Credit Suisse, was skydiving with a friend for the first time on the day he died.

"His friend landed and couldn't find him," she said.

"He just moved to Sydney beginning of June (from Singapore). It was his opportunity to have overseas work experience and to travel Australia."

There have been at least another four fatalities involving the Sydney Skydivers centre since 2001 but the company said it was the first fatality involving a "first orientation Tandem skydive" for the company in 40 years.

Sydney mum Jacki McIvor, who went on a parachute jump at the same centre just hours before the tragedy for her 40th birthday, said the incident was "devastating".

Mrs McIvor said staff at the Sydney Skydiving Centre had been "very safety focused", checking the gear multiple times beforehand.

"They were absolutely so professional, so it was such a shock to hear what happened," she said.

"It's pretty devastating, my heart goes out to the families involved."

A map showing where the skydiving dropzone is located and where the two men landed on Wilton Rd.
A map showing where the skydiving dropzone is located and where the two men landed on Wilton Rd. The Sunday Telegraph

She completed her jump without incident earlier in the day as part of a "bucket list".

"It was my first time and the instructor kept me calm throughout," she said.

The tragic pair jumped in tandem, with GoPro camera vision from the plane capturing their harrowing final moments as they waited to leap over Picton.

Their deaths follow another skydiving accident earlier last week in the Hunter Valley, where an 83-year-old man broke his leg after landing heavily during a solo jump.

Five years ago at the Sydney Skydiving Centre, two men died in a similar location - a 27-year-old man was killed in July while a man in his 30s died in December.

In 2001 another two men died on the same day.

Ms Low said her brother would be missed greatly by his family.

"My brother will be missed by all of us, his smiles and his laughter," she said.

"He has led an adventurous life, a life full of passion, passion for deep sea fishing. We know he's now in heaven watching upon us. We are at a loss for words."

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