The new plain packaging.
The new plain packaging.

Aussie smokers ignore grisly images and still light up

IN SPITE of the government spending millions on quit smoking campaigns, including plain packaging legislation, smokers are still lighting up in large numbers.

Quit smoking specialist Ian Newton surveys every client he treats and many smokers he encounters in day to day life.

The question is always, "Which government anti-smoking advertising impacts on you and in particular how has the new plain packaging affected your smoking?"

To date only two clients questioned have felt any real pressure from the plain packaging, and both were from their children who feared their parent would end up like the sick person on the pack.

Most of the smokers just laughed at any suggestion that a different colour packet would make them want to quit.

As for grisly images, marketing research has shown that these very images cause the smokers craving centres in their brains to light up on a functional MRI scan.

A typical comment from young teenagers was: "I don't get it, why would a green packet with nasty photos stop us? We will do what we want to, and we will quit when we're ready."


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