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Playing to adoring fans is something big for them

ON A warm, dark November night, Something For Kate may be found escaping dreary Melbourne on a Sunshine Coast beach.

On their 40-somethingth visit to the Coast since 1998, the three-piece outfit is praying for some down time when they're on the Coast for the Golden Days Festival next month.

"Usually you're flying in and you're going to a sound check and you'll get an hour between sound check and the hotel, but sometimes we go up a bit earlier and we just like to go to the beach," bass player Stephanie Ashworth said.

"There's some beautiful spots up there and just at the right time you stand there and the moon's out and it's just beautiful."

Something even more beautiful is playing to adoring fans.

"There's nothing like playing shows, there's nothing quite like it. I don't think there's any equivalent high," Steph said.

Steph said she felt more pressure playing their own shows than at festivals.

"It's weird because it's dead quiet between songs because everyone is actually really listening and there's no conversations going on," she said.

"You feel a little bit like you're in a fish bowl. It can be a little bit intense.

"I love it because I know everyone really appreciates it, but sometimes you really want that rowdy atmosphere, want that to diffuse the intensity of it.

"So in that way festivals can be really fantastic because there's usually quite a bit going on and everyone just really wants to have a great time, so it can be a different thing.

"And you do end up picking up people who have never seen you before ... which is really nice to know you can capture their imagination and that something you're playing might resonate in some way that maybe they would not have discovered otherwise."

Aside from the hype of performing live, Something For Kate are busy promoting their sixth studio album, the first in six years, Leave Your Soul to Science.

"It's just a really different record sound-wise," Steph said. "It's good to be constantly reinventing everything as you go, keeps everything fresh and exciting.

"Playing music is a lot like writing a book, you wouldn't want to write the same one twice. It's not very exciting to go over the same ground, but it's funny, people want you to.

"As writers there's no point for us to replicate what we've already done so at the end of the day it's got to be exciting and stimulating for us first and for us to feel like we like it and then the bonus is other people like it. But we have to like it ourselves and believe it.

"For us every record is about taking that step towards something different. It's sort of boring to be safe."

Something for Kate will play the Golden Days Festival on Saturday, November 17, at the Coolum and Peregian Sports Complex.

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Leave Your Soul To Science is out now.