The parents are hoping to find the responsible party.
The parents are hoping to find the responsible party.

Boy's destroyed headstone breaks parents' hearts

CORAKI parents have expressed their anguish after their son's headstone was smashed in an "act of vandalism".

Son to Elaine and Grant McDonald, Ian Murray McDonald died in 1991, aged 15 years.

The parents believe the damage to the Coraki Cemetery headstone was an act of vandalism, and said the headstone appeared to have been smashed with a sledge hammer.

"Disappointed to say the least, angry and upset at the other end of the scale of the destruction of our son's headstone at the Coraki Cemetery," Mrs McDonald wrote on Facebook page Coraki News.

"What goes on in these morons' minds to destroy memorials to loved ones.

"What are those people doing in a cemetery where people's love ones are laid to rest.

"The healing process never goes away, this act destroys our faith in human nature.

"It is very disappointing.

"We have always shown respect for the community of Coraki and I served in the Coraki Hospital for over 27 years, it would be good if someone came forward and showed remorse for this act."

She said she hopes the person(s) responsible are found, and made to pay for a new headstone.

A spokeswoman for Richmond Valley Council said to damage a headstone was a deplorable act and police were aware of the incident.

She said they believed there were no witnesses to the event.

Richmond Valley Council are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident, and to all acts of vandalism to call their local police station.

Coraki Police Station can be reached on 02 6683 2244.