Sophie Monk will host the TV series Love Island Australia from Mallorca, Spain.
Sophie Monk will host the TV series Love Island Australia from Mallorca, Spain. Channel 9

Sophie ready to steam up your screen on Love Island

THE mercury may be falling in Australia but in Spain things are about to get steamy.

Sophie Monk has landed in Mallorca with a bunch of sexy singles in tow for Love Island Australia, the latest reality dating show to hit our screens.

The series, which has taken the UK and Germany by storm and is one of 9Now's most-streamed shows, follows the flirting, hook-ups, dramas and gossip that takes place in a luxury villa.

Described as Big Brother meets Bachelor in Paradise, Love Island rewards couples who can stay together despite temptation while entertaining viewers.

As executive producer Alex Mavroidakis puts it, the show is all about "people with hot bodies doing hot stuff in a hot place".

"It's a really unapologetically sexy show; they're all so bloody attractive," Monk says.

"My favourite bits of Big Brother were when people were hooking up, and there's plenty of that on this show."

Bachelorette Sophie Monk says she’s not dated since her bust up with Stu Landry. Picture: Channel 9
Sophie Monk is single again and ready to play matchmaker on Love Island Australia.

The couples must win the hearts of the public, convincing them - and themselves - that their new-found love is real.

Screening Sunday to Thursday, each episode will screen within 24 hours of being filmed and fans will play cupid via the Love Island Australia App, deciding who hooks up and who breaks up.

The contestants, who were chosen from more than 7000 applicants, must also go head-to-head in a series of challenges ranging from 'naughty' arts and crafts to obstacle courses and contact games.

At the end of the series, the winning couple (as voted by the public) is given a pot of money to start their new lives together. But there's a catch: one is given the chance to share the money or walk away with it all for him or herself.

Despite the many obstacles and distractions, Monk believes there is the potential for singles to find love on the show.

The cast of Love Island Australia.
The cast of Love Island Australia. Channel 9

"I think it works because they're in such a bubble," the former Bachelorette says.

"When you go through something with someone you won't experience with anyone else again, you're so consumed. There are no phones. Everything is cut out and they're focusing on that.

"It reminds you of that young love. They're young so they're allowed to do all those stupid things you do when you're young. As viewers we're living vicariously through them like 'Oh she's going to regret that when she's older' but we've all been there. Actually, I missed out (referring to her mid-20s engagement to Benji Madden) but I've made up for it now."

Irishman Eoghan McDermott, former host of The Voice of Ireland, will narrate the series.

"I haven't met him, but the narrator is what makes the show for the UK and apparently he's very funny," Monk says.

"I'm so glad they got him. The commentary is very tongue-in-cheek."

Love Island Australia premieres on Sunday at 8.30pm on GO!.