The Fraser Coast home invasion left the 71-year-old woman damaged physically and emotionally.
The Fraser Coast home invasion left the 71-year-old woman damaged physically and emotionally. Brendan Bufi

Sound of smashed glass before horror attack

ON THE night the 71-year-old heard a knock to the door, then glass smashing, her life would change forever.

She encountered a complete stranger in her lounge room and he started punching her in the face.

But Kane Alan Smith wasn't through.

With a butter knife, he stabbed the Torquay woman in the eye with such force the knife was bent and the woman received brain injuries.

The catastrophic attack robbed the woman of her independence and left her grieving for her past life, Brisbane District Court heard.

On Friday, Smith's barrister Catherine Morgan said her client, now 23, lacked the capacity to know what he was doing and "to know that it was wrong".

Smith called police from the Torquay house, saying he'd been "kidnapped" and needed help.

"My client was found ranting and raving in the house," Ms Morgan said.

The long-term drug abuser probably had schizophrenia, she added.

Blood and urine tests found he had ice and THC from marijuana in his system that night.

The court heard Smith, who had an abusive childhood, claimed to not fully remember the attack.

But Crown Prosecutor Sandra Cupina said there was no medical evidence for "amnesia" and Smith had shown no remorse.

This was a "vicious and protracted" assault on a frail woman, Ms Cupina said.

After the nightmare attack, the woman moved from the Fraser Coast to Western Australia and into an aged-care facility.

"It would have been better if I died," the court heard she said after the attack.

She now suffered from multiple emotional and cognitive problems linked to the home invasion.

Melbourne-born Smith, 23, had a criminal history in Queensland and New South Wales.

One incident involved him standing outside a police watch house making "masturbatory hand motions" and tearing up paper, then walking up to a random woman and calling her a "f---ing bitch".

For the Torquay home invasion, Smith pleaded guilty to burglary and causing grievous bodily harm.

He also pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a separate crime in Pialba where he stole $14,700 worth of goods in a burglary while the home's occupants were on holiday.

Smith was jailed for seven years, but with 738 days spent in custody declared as time served.

The court declared the Torquay attack a serious violent offence, so Smith will have to serve 80 per cent of his sentence.

He kept his head down for most of the sentencing. -NewsRegional