Council have released their draft five year corporate plan. Photo/File
Council have released their draft five year corporate plan. Photo/File

South Burnett Council release draft five year corporate plan

The South Burnett Regional Council have released their draft corporate plan for 2021-2026, which when finalised will guide the way the council delivers services, programs and facilities to the community for the next five years.

The new document, once adopted, will be the third corporate plan adopted by the council since 2010, however the five outcome areas or long term goals will remain the same.

  • Enhancing our communities and lifestyle
  • Building our infrastructure and enhancing our towns an villages
  • Taking advantage of growth opportunities
  • Protecting our environments
  • Organisational excellence

The draft corporate plan identifies key issues under each outcome area as priorities for the next five years.

Mayor Brett Otto said community consultation has been a major part of the process.

“The draft corporate plan has been through a number of workshops council has conducted,” Cr Otto said.

“We want to get something out there which the community can work with and come back to us on.

“CEO Mark and I will be working with the team to put together a very comprehensive, this time round, community consultation strategy as part of this.”

Cr Otto also said the corporate plan is the foundation for a successful future for Council.

“The corporate plan sets the strategic priories, from which we will develop our operational plan,” he said.

“The corporate plan also informs the organisational structure required and recourses required to deliver strategic priorities set through this plan.

“The vision is the South Burnett unique communities working together as a strong and wider region.

“I have followed corporate plans of this council for more than a decade and I would suggest to you under the leadership and facilitation of the work we have done together this is the best corporate plan I have seen presented to our community.”

The adoption of the draft corporate plan was also strongly supported by councillor Kirstie Schumacher and councillor Kathy Duff who said she was excited about the plan.

“I’m really excited about this corporate plan and to take it out to the community,” Cr Duff said.

“I am always against plans that I think are dust collectors, I think this plan has some real meat to it.”

The draft corporate plan will now go through extensive community engagement before coming to a final adoption vote at a council meeting in April.

To read the full corporate plan click here.