NUCLEAR POWER: Map of prospective homes for nuclear power plants in Queensland, including Tarong.
NUCLEAR POWER: Map of prospective homes for nuclear power plants in Queensland, including Tarong. Australia Nuclear Association

South Burnett earmarked for potential nuclear reactor

TARONG has been listed as one of 10 places in Queensland to host a nuclear reactor by the Australian Nuclear Association.

The South Burnett location was listed as a potential location by the ANA in its presentation to the Australia Institute of Energy, in July.

The ANA made a submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy when its inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia launched this week.

Chair of the committee, Ted O'Brien, said nuclear energy had evolved since it was last considered in Australia and a fresh look at nuclear energy was with new technologies in the field leading to cleaner, safer and more efficient energy production.

"This inquiry will provide the opportunity to establish whether nuclear energy would be feasible and suitable for Australia in the future, taking into account both expert opinions and community views,” he said.

"The Committee looks forward to receiving and carefully considering all perspectives on its terms of reference.”

The committee will consider a range of matters including waste management, health and safety, environmental impacts, energy affordability and reliability, economic feasibility and workforce capability, security implications, community engagement and national consensus.

Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd has thrown his support behind exploring the possibility of nuclear energy in Australia.

"There are 50 countries currently in the world using nuclear power to generate electricity and sell power at a much cheaper price than Australia. Despite all our natural resources, our energy costs are the dearest in the world,” he said.

Submissions to the inquiry can be made here and will be accepted until 16 September 2019.