EXCITED, SHOCKED, SCARED: Rowena Dionysius with her family remembers first becoming a mother.
EXCITED, SHOCKED, SCARED: Rowena Dionysius with her family remembers first becoming a mother. Contributed

South Burnett mums: Motherhood brings mixed emotions

WHEN South Burnett Relay for Life president Rowena Dionysius found out she was going to be a mum she had mixed emotions.

The Kingaroy breast cancer survivor had feelings of excitement, shock and fear all at the same time.

"I was excited, as we'd been wanting this moment to come, shocked because it happened quickly and scared because it's a huge responsibility,” she said.

The Peanut Van manager said being a mum was like planting a seed and watching it grow.

"The happiness we get when we know they've found their niche in life is great,” she said.

Ms Dionysius said it was important to share experiences as a family.

A mixture of good experiences like family holidays and the less desirable ones like her cancer journey have made her children who they are today.

"It's amazing to see how certain experiences model the type of people they become,” she said.

In this day and age, Ms Dionysius said there were many external factors that could have a negative influence on our children.

"I think Facebook, drugs, types of friends and knowing you can't help them are the hardest things to deal with,” she said.  

"All that immediate contact and response with digital technology is difficult when it isn't used in a positive way.

"We as parents just have to be there for support and to point them in the right direction.”

The Kingaroy mother of two said it was her own mother's simple yet effective advice that stood out the most.

"She said, 'trust your instincts', it has served me well,” Ms Dionysius said.

Ms Dionysius said she was most proud of her kids when they were helping others.

"Seeing that huge smile on their faces when they are so proud to have achieved something or when they help and support someone to get through a tough time,” she said.

"When their first instinct is to help another human in trouble or through tough times, you've got to be proud of that.

"This is when you know you've done okay.”