THE South Burnett Saints men took to their home field determined to pick themselves up from their previous loss and looked to up the ante in the later stages of the season.

Up against last season's first division runners-up, the Goondiwindi Hawks, coach Paul Pressnell knew his team had to step up.

To his relief the Saints did exactly as he hoped and matched the pace of the Hawks on Saturday.

"They brought the intensity from start to finish," Pressnell said.

The Saints only fell behind in the first quarter by just one major which they made up for in the second.

South Burnett took victory from Goondiwindi in the fourth quarter, scoring seven majors to the Hawks three.

Pressnell presented an ultimatum to the Saints at the start of the game to treat the round fixture as a final, as they were in desperate need of points to hold themselves up on the ladder.

"This was our mid-year grand final, so we had to win it," he said.

To Pressnell's approval the Saints followed orders and held their own to win it 18.15.123-11.11.77.

Pressnell said his team's performance was a big step up from the week before when they were downed by the Warwick Redbacks in the final quarter.

He said the Saints were in the right mindset which enabled them to match up to the Hawks and climb one place above them on a ladder into fourth place.

Up against Highfields at the weekend, Pressnell said the Saints would have to continue the intensity showed on Saturday.

Despite beating Highfields earlier on in the competition, Pressnell said the Saints still needed to be wary as the season neared its pointed end.

"They'll be a different side on their home field," he said.

Hawks coach Brent Townsend said his team lacked in discipline after they broke from their game plan of playing up the guts of the oval.

This break in structure was further hampered by short player numbers.

"We just couldn't get on the front foot," Townsend said.

"We knew they (the Saints) were going to be tough at home.

"We couldn't match them."

With no further fixture matches between the two sides, the weekend's clash was the first and last time the two would meet outside of the finals.

Townsend said he hoped to meet the Saints in the finals if given the chance.