Murgon Magistrates Court was held on February 19.
Murgon Magistrates Court was held on February 19. Jessica McGrath

Split lip, black eye after woman kicked in face

A WOMAN has been left with a split lip and black eye after an argument with her former partner in the bedroom.

The man pleaded guilty to a grievous bodily harm charge and breach of his domestic violence condition in Murgon Magistrates Court on February 19.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the pair had an argument between 7pm and 8pm at the 38-year-old Kingaroy man's residence on February 17.

"He said he was lying on the bed and tried to calm her, he said he tried to push her away," he said.

The court heard as the argument escalated the man kicked the aggrieved in the face.

"The impact caused her to fall to the floor, with a bruised right eye and bleeding lip," Sgt Stevens said.

The court heard the woman was taken to hospital with the injuries.

As a condition of his domestic violence order set in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on October 24, the defendant cannot be within 50 metres of the aggrieved in any place.

"It's taken him 26-odd days to commit this new offence," he said.

Defence lawyer Tim Campion said the woman had invited herself over to the defendant's house.

"It was not just a fleeting visit, she was not forced to stay and did it under her own validation," he said.

Mr Campion confirmed there was a verbal argument between the pair.

"She wanted to be treated a little bit better by the defendant, she wanted to be taken out to dinner, he knew that was impossible," he said.

Mr Campion said the defendant had thought about notifying police that the woman had turned up at his residence.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the conditions still applied as no one could change a domestic violence order except the court.

"I'm told you were going to see police, but took no action," she said.

"You are a mature man, with the capacity of making mature decisions."

She said the assault demonstrated why the domestic violence order was in place.

"You need to clearly understand the community does not accept this type of violence against women," Magistrate Pink said.

"Unless you have an appreciation of what domestic violence is, if you want to spend your future in jail, you will address the domestic violence."

The man was sentenced to a term of 13 months' imprisonment for the assault charge, to be served cumulatively.

He was also sentenced to three months' imprisonment to be served concurrently for the breach of the domestic violence order.

Magistrate Pink deemed the pre-sentence custody period time already served.

The defendant's parole eligibility date was fixed for August 19, after six months of the sentence had been served.

Convictions for both charges were recorded.